Turn Your One Into a Two

 We make lives better by solving marital problems, eliminating toilet paper shortages and beautifying your home.  Our PATENTED dual toilet paper holder design corrects a wrong that has plagued millions of people for decades. 

Video Aug 18, 7 46 57 AM.mov from Scott E on Vimeo.

Quite simply, I hate the spring thing, loathe running out of toilet paper and am tired of arguing the over-under debate.  I have a bit of OCD which lit up every time I had to fumble with the crappy spring loaded toilet paper rod, balance the roll upright on the rod or run out of TP only to shuffle off to find more. When we're in need and we run out, no one wants to detach and de-spring the roll holder, waddle to wherever the new rolls are and try to re-attach all that with your pants around your ankles.

Whomever designed the spring loaded devil was clearly thinking torture, not ease of use. Read this sad story of marital discord posted on Reddit:

"why my darling husband who can dismantle and put back together almost anything is unable to successfully remove an empty roll of toilet paper and replace it with a new roll of toilet paper on the the roller. i’ve pondered this particular mystery before…a few times…okay, many times! I just don’t understand this mystery. It’s not THAT hard… Is it?"

Actually it is!  Because the spring rod is a crappy design.